Yen-Lin Chen (Ian)

Hi, I am Yen-Lin Chen (Nickname Ian), a passionate software developer.
I am interested/specialized in:

  • Object-Oriented Design
  • DevOps, backend development, and cloud technologies
  • Unity mobile development
  • Program analysis and code optimization

  • Some of my recent works include Local Warfare Series and ParrelSync - A multiplayer mobile FPS series with 4.5 million+ total installs, and an open-source Unity editor extension for speeding up multi-player testing, with about 2.4k stars as of Sep 2022 (and also recommended by Unity official!).


  • Master of Science in Computer Science / Columbia University / 2021 - 2022
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science / National Taiwan Ocean University / 2015 — 2020

  • Teaching Experience

  • TA - COMS 4172 3D UI and AR / Columbia University / Spring 2022
  • TA - CSE 1062 C++ Programming / National Taiwan Ocean University / Spring 2018 & 2019

  • Skills

    Programming Languages

    • C# — Proficient
    • Java, Python, and Javascript — Familiar
    • C++ — Advanced
    • Swift — Intermediate


    • Unity
    • Xcode


    • Docker
    • AWS ECS
    • Serverless
    • REST
    • Swagger
    • SQL
    • Node.js
    • MongoDB
    • Kubernetes
    • Flask Framework
    • AWS (Lambda, EC2, API Gateway, CloudFront, S3, RDS, Lex)
    • GCP (App Engine, Firebase, GCE)
    • Azure (PlayFab, AKS)


    • CI/CD
    • CircleCi
    • AWS CloudFormation
    • AWS CodeBuild


    • Object-Oriented Design
    • Agile Methodology (Scrum)
    • Unity Multiplayer Frameworks (Mirror, Photon Bolt, and PUN)
    • Git
    • Linux
    • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
    • OAuth
    • MVC

    Selected Experience

    Software Development Engineer, Amazon

    //Work in progress... :)

    Founder, Local Warfare Series ( )

    Mobile multiplayer FPS series with more than 4.5 million total installs

    Used Tech
    • Developed game mechanics with C# and Unity, utilizing OO Design to increase code reusability and flexibility, and optimization techniques (e.g., caching, reducing GC spikes, profiling, and re-design algorithms) to resolve code performance bottlenecks
    • Implemented efficient real-time multi-player utilizing Mirror framework and UDP transport, capable of handling up to 32 concurrent players smoothly even on low-end mobile devices
    • Implemented account system and backend logic by integrating Azure PlayFab APIs, Google OAuth, and serverless architecture
    • Deployed match-making services utilizing Docker, AWS ECS, and Kubernetes
    • Optimized performance by utilizing Unity rendering technique, achieved maintaining 60 FPS even on low-end mobile devices
    • Utilizing Scrum to lead and coordinate between team members, ensuring targets are completed on time
    • Participated in start-up contests as representative and won multiple awards (more details in Honors & Award section)
    • Leveraged knowledge in Object-Oriented Design, C#, Rest API, Git, TCP/UDP, OAuth, Serverless Architecture, Docker, AWS ECS, Kubernetes, 3D rendering, and debugged using Android Debug Bridge, Lunar Console, Unity Profiler, and Cloud Watch

    Founder, ParrelSync (GitHub)

    Open-source cross platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux) Unity editor extension for multiplayer project testing; 1.7k stars as of Mar 2022.

    Used Tech
    • Recommended by Unity official doc for multiplayer project testing workflow
    • Developed tools and APIs to speed up multiplayer project testing, reducing test build wait time by 70%~95%
    • Moderate the open-source community by monitoring issues, Discord server, reviewing PR, and delivering updates and fixes
    • Leveraged knowledge in C#, OS commands, and Unity Editor APIs

    Vice Lead in Software Development Department, ID Water (startup)

    IoT based water quality monitoring system / Dec 2016 - Oct 2017

    Used Tech
    • Implemented backend services, including account authorization, cash flow, and push notifications, using Node.js and MongoDB
    • Built mobile apps (Android and iOS) using Unity with multiple features, including account login, user data browsing, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) data transfer with Arduino modules, in-app purchases, and push notifications
    • Started working as a software engineer and earned a promotion to vice lead after four months
    • Leveraged knowledge in Node.js, MongoDB, Git, Rest API, C#, Unity, C, Swagger, and Arduino IDE

    Honors & Awards

    • 2020 Google G-Player One, Finalist
    • 2018 Beijing-Taiwan Startup Contest, "Best Startup" (2/1023)
    • 2017 NCTU Seed Fund Entrepreneurial Competition, Pass the Final (top 5%)
    • 2018 NTOU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Gold Award (1/91)
    • 2018 Rongcheng Yuan Meng Entrepreneurship Competition, Gold Award (top 3%)
    • 2018 NCTU Game Design Competition, 2nd Place Award (top 5%)
    • 2018 NTOU Independent Study (Special Topic) Competition, 1st Place Award (1/24)
    • 2017 NTOU Android App Competition, 1st Place Award (top 3%)
    • 2015 Hsinchu Hackathon, 3rd Place Award (top 10%)

    Other Selected Projects

    Get In Touch

    • Email

      yc3936 [at]

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